Gary and his knowledgeable staff have been representing us for years in collecting on arrears and breached contracts. They do a great job and their work even helps us reinstate clients after we have sued them.

Joe Tesi, Principle, City Waste Services of NY, Inc.

With the price of oil remaining historically high, our margins are shrinking. Gary and his attorneys have helped us recapture revenue from non-paying clients.


Martin Skrelli, President, Need Oil

While we need to maintain our A/R receipts, we value our clients and relationships. Gary has helped us maintain that balance in professionally recovering monies owed to our firms. I would highly recommend Gary and his able staff.


Matthew Mager Esq., In-house counsel, Besen Capital &Besen Retail UC

I manage over 3500 apartments in NYC. K&A have well served our legal needs, whether as a defense counsel or as an aggressive collection attorney. Gary and his staff know their roles and perform to our expectations.

Jac Zadrima, Principle, Genesis Realty Group LLC